Autumn skincare discoveries
October has been a month of skincare discoveries. So many new skincare brands I haven't heard of - so many new products I felt like I had to try. Putting that one time I went nuts on the Korean beauty website (see the full frenzy here) aside, these are the more Western potions & lotions I have been trying.

⚗ Measurable Difference Lipo Lotion ($69, Measurable Difference - buy here)
As you can see from my Instagram (@cityscapebliss) I've become somewhat obsessed with Measurable Difference's make-up line - all the cream products are spot on! So when I was offered to try their skincare (or body care even) I was very intrigued. The Lip Lotion is meant to tighten your troubled areas of lumps & uneven rough skin. I'm not gonna lie - it didn't do a lot for me. It's just okay. The massage head though - oooooh so relaxing! I have even used it on my stiff neck the other day and it worked a treat! 

⚗ SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator (£79, My Dermacenter - buy here)
Perhaps one of the most expensive skincare products I've recently been putting on my face, this Retexturing Activator works like magic! It contains 25% concentration of Kombuchka acid & Hyaluronic acid - and you know that anything with a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid will make your skin feel like a newborn's butt. I'm not a huge fan of the texture - it's a little sticky when first applied but eventually it sinks into the skin. It works very similarly to the Alpha H products so if you're a fan of those this will definitely float your boat!

⚗ FrezyDerm Sensitive Red Skin Facial Cream (£22, Pharmeden - buy here)
The very first product by FrezyDerm I've tried is this facial cream for sensitive skin prone to redness. FrezyDerm is originally a Greek brand focusing on dermatology products with very high pharmaceutical standards. This particular product claims to help even the most sensitive skin with rosacea and skin prone to allergic reactions. I find the cream to be very soothing - especially after using a harsher face mask (read on to find out which face mask literally burnt my face off this month), and it has also reduced blemishes that have popped up on my face recently.

⚗ FrezyDerm Instant Lifting Tensing Serum (£42, Pharmeden - buy here)
This product contains a special marine biopolymer which is meant to visibly tighten your skin within 15 minutes. And as crazy as it sounds that's exactly what it does! I'm not gonna lie - this is something I'll be using only on those days when I'm feeling utterly crap with saggy cheeks & double chin because it genuinely gives you such a kick! I've never seen a product that would make my face so plump so quickly! Da magic.

Vichy Purete Thermale Instant Glow Double Peeling Mask (£14, Boots - buy here)
And my favouritest of products this month - Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask. It contains Fruit Acid AHA and is infused with a volcanic rock. These ingredients basically cause a quicker renewal of your skin cells. I absolutely love this mask - it makes my skin feel oh so soft - especially paired with the SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator. There are two other masks in the same line that Vichy has launched - hope Santa's making notes here!

Pur Dirty Girl Mudd Face Mask (£18, The Hut - buy here)
Here we have a bit of a love-hate relationship. The first time I tried this mask it virtually burnt my face. I do suspect it might have been because I used fake tan the night before but maaaaan, it wasn't nice. My skin went incredibly red and sensitive for a couple of hours (yup, hours!). That didn't put me off - I tried again and there was no burning sensation - just a super soft skin. Have you tried this mask before? What did you think?

What are your October skincare discoveries? 
Have you tried any of these products?

💭 Some of these products were sent to me to try. Saggy cheeks, double chin, hormonal spots & blemishes are all my own.