Recreate the Pin: Vintage explorer
I'm Pinterest obsessed (if you couldn't tell by the monumental amount of pins on my boards - have a look here!). The boards and pins I enjoy exploring the most must be the home decor inspiration ones. Sometimes I find it difficult though to pinpoint (see what I did there) where I can get all the items from - & that's where the Recreate the Pin post comes in! I'm sure I'm not the only one who uuuhms and aaahs over the beauty of pins so why not help you out & tell you where to get the same, or at least similar items! Today's all about this stunning pin above (sourced from HERE) depicting this season's trend of the Vintage explorer!

The key element is this majestic leather sofa (you can buy the actual sofa here) surrounded by all things vintage. There's a lot of greenery - succulents of all kinds & sizes, Boston fern and some yellow primroses for a pop of colour! When you pair green with black you get a top notch modern vibe with a hue of rustic - great for those who are not too keen on the shabby chic kind of vintage or the grandad man cave style. Add a decent pile of first edition books on top of a wooden tray, scatter a few bell jars around et voila - you've gotten yourself a nest of vintage exploration!  

Recreate the Pin: Vintage explorer
📌 bell jars 📌 dog sketch prints 📌 frames 📌 wooden bowl 📌 succulents - Tescos & Wilkos 📌 silver watering can 📌 Boston fern 📌 cotton pouffe 📌 vintage Penguin - car boots & second hand bookshops 📌 wooden tray 📌 large black planters 📌 vintage leather sofa 📌

Do you enjoy re-creating popular pins?
If there's one you're particularly interested in send me a link & I'll re-create it!