Vintage atomiser plant mister
Despite it being the season of candles & wax tarts, a gorgeously smelling room spray is something I think everyone should have on hand all year around! I really dislike the ones sold in shops (they smell artificial & nostril-penetrating & are not good for cats). Instead I've tried a ton of room spray recipes from Pinterest & finally created a version I'm happy with. This is what has worked best for me but feel free to go all creative when making your own!

First of all - get a super fancy atomiser bottle. I got mine in a car boot for £2 but they sell some stunning ones on Amazon. Most of them are less then a tenner (sod Urban Outfitters & their 20-squid plant misters!) and they have them in gold, copper, vintage decorated glass... The pick is yours! And if you fail to use them for room sprays then you can use them for misting your house plants.

Now to the magic formula. I fill up a 1/4 of the bottle with vodka (can be the cheapo Tesco's own one), then fill it up to the top with water (ideally distilled). This is your base.

There are no limits to your creativity now - it's all about getting your signature home scent! My favourite combinations are:

🌿 10 drops of lemon & 10 drops of eucalyptus: perfect for an all-rounder refreshing scent
🌿 5 drops of lemon & 10 drops of lavender: great for cosy living rooms
🌿 10 drops of tea tree & 5 drops of lemon: deters spiders, creepy crawlies & autumn monsters
🌿 5 drops of pine, 5 drops of cinnamon & 5 drops of eucalyptus: brings Christmas a tad closer
🌿 10 drops of peppermint, 5 drops of lemon & 5 drops of eucalyptus: that super clean crisp scent
🌿 10 drops of lavender & 5 drops of tea tree: relaxes you & brings good dreams
Of course you can use any essential oils you like but my favourite are these little Tisserand sets of 3 from Boots (click here). They are relatively cheap considering how expensive essential oils normally are! I have also seen them in TKMaxx for even cheaper so keep your eyes peeled next time you're in!

What's your favourite home scent?
Do you use room sprays at all?
Vintage atomiser plant mister