Fitness essentials: Sundried
Every fitness magazine and blog that I have read recently suggests that one of the most motivational things you can do is to go & buy a new workout outfit. How materialistic. But you know what? I think it's very true! Since the very first time I tried yoga (read more about this in-my-books-life-changing day here) I've been on a quest for a better, more comfortable gear (oh yes, I said that). And what have I found?

Not a lot. I mean, I ain't an Adidas girl, and I ain't a Nike one either. I don't particularly appreciate mainstream. I most definitely ain't a Reebok kid and I ain't too fussed about specialised yoga wear either - because I don't always just yoga about, I sometimes run or go to the gym too. And that's normal right? For this and more reasons, the brand which has so far caught the most attention of mine is Sundried Activewear.

Sundried Activewear is a fairly new brand to the market - their line is based on smart technology, innovation and ethics. Although their range is not huge, it's very thought-through. A little like a restaurant with a small menu. You know it's going to be delicious because with such a small menu they ultimately have very fresh ingredients and they have cooked the meal so many times they have most definitely perfected it to the highest of standards. It's a brand that offers not just clothes but also a statement about your lifestyle. It's responsible, functional and ethical. If you ask me, I reckon Sundried will very quickly catch up with the top dogs in the industry since there's nothing like it on the market yet. #gosundriedgo

And can you please promise me that if you get the leggings from their range you spend a good 5 minutes stroking them gently with your hand (alternatively your face) to appreciate the ridiculous softness of the material? It's just. Ah. I think I could be a Sundried girl you know.

Find out more about Sundried here.

top // Sundried
leggings // Sundried
trainers // Primark (they have some beautiful ones in stock now!)
water bottle // Sundried
gym bag // Adidas (via TKMaxx)

Fitness essentials: Sundried