Boden Basics
Good quality basic pieces are so hard to find! Even my beloved Zara sometimes gets it wrong, sigh. But what can you do, right? Well, you could possibly just carry on looking around and exploring what other shops have to offer. One of the basics masters out there is definitely Boden - their range is a Breton striped haven! Now, the tricky thing is that Boden only has one and only shop in the UK - and that happens to be in London. Oh, you're from the Midlands? What a shame! Guess you won't be buying a pretty Breton tee this spring - unless you go to London, that is. Oh, what? You can buy it in Leicester?! Tomorrow?? WHAAA?

Because Breton is essentially a mail-order retailer and only has that one shop in London, they travel around the UK and run gigantic sale days in various locations. Today and tomorrow (9th & 10th March) there will be a sale at Bruntingthorpe near Leicester - and the prices will be up to 70% off! Considering how affordable the Boden basics range is, I can't even imagine the price tags tomorrow at Bruntingthorpe! There will be loads more than just basics though, don't ya worry - there will be literally truck-fulls of bargainous clothing! 

Read more about the opening times and how to get there HERE

Please don't forget to let me know how you've got on and leave a link to your haul post below, I'd love to see it!