So we've established that lately I've been getting more and more into Lush again. Big time. This also means that I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any nice bath oils, bath creams, bath foams and anything bath-related really. I have even put this DIY on my to-do list. It's genius isn't it! But obviously apart from looking for planks of wood and my hammer, I've been scouring the internet for some ready-made bath goodness. And well - these cupcakes happened.   

Don't be silly, they're not actual cupcakes and sweets. Obvs. These cupcakes and other confectionery dreams were made in a Bath Patisserie in Germany, believe it or not. Hand on heart, they are the most beautiful bath products I've ever seen - just bloody look at 'em! They have real flowers in them (and loads of different kinds from roses to lavender and calendula; or other foods for that matter) and come in all different shapes and sizes. There are your regular bath bombs (which explode in floral fireworks), the aforementioned and oh so eye catching cupcakes, chocolate bars, little chocolate box style nuggets with berries, nuts and what not! When you drop them in the bath, they are very scented and incredibly creamy/oily - I do recommend you break them up (even though that may seem heart-breakingly difficult), and be careful if your skin is very sensitive. The only downside of these is that you can't sniff them beforehand, which is half of the fun when buying Lush products. Just saying. Whispers - open a shop in Brum, bitte schoen? Okei.   

Go & have a browse yourself, you'll be amazed by how pretty everything there is - I think I forgot to mention that the company is actually called Badefee, oops (click here)!