Replica Fornasetti cushions
Fornasetti has become overwhelmingly popular over the past years, especially in the world of home decor. The face of Lina Cavalieri has been replicated by the artist more than 500 times on mugs, plates, reed diffusers, wallpapers, cushions... you name it. The design works beautifully in a monochromatic setting however sometimes it can also look stunning in less structures environment. No one says you have to take the mass approach and cover your wall in Fornasetti plates (especially considering they retail at £125 a pop!), maybe a cushion or two (at bargain price of £4!) would add enough of a creative sparkle to your living room?

I know, I know, it ain't the real deal - but for £100+ per cushion, you really need to make sure you're gonna be madly, deeply and crazily in love with it. For a very much symbolic price of less than £4, you can give Fornasetti's bold designs a go without the risk of a life-long regret. BAM!

You can get these cushions here for £3.82 each and there's altogether 15 designs to choose from. Just remember that they don't come with the stuffing so make sure you have some on hand (they're about £1-2 from IKEA or Primarni). 

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