DIY Hanging cord lamp
Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend (ideally inside because here in Birmingham it's pretty stormy outside, bleurgh!). Another weekend means one and only thing - another DIY. This one is pretty swanky (if I say so myself!) - it's a DIY hanging cord lamp which you can re-create for less (way less in fact) than a tenner!

What will you need to create this DIY hanging rope lamp?

✓ a clip on cord lamp (mine cost £5 from here)
✓ a shelf bracket (mine was £2 from B&Q but you can get as creative as you want and even use just a hook instead or nothing and wrap it around a shelf etc)
✓ spray paint of choice (I prefer using Rust-Oleum but it's completely up to you, Wilkos do a decent quality one too)  
✓ some twine (mine was less than 50p from Wilkos clearance section, score!) 
✓ light bulb of choice (I've picked an industrial Edison one)

And here's what you do:
It honestly couldn't be easier! Spray paint the head (I used masking tape so the spray didn't get into the inside bit with wires and connections), screw in your light bulb, wrap twine all over the cord and voila - you can hang it wherever you wish to! 

It's a simple little DIY but works a treat, especially when you live in a rented house where you can't drill holes for shelves in every single room. 

Let me know if you give this DIY a go - maybe even take a snap, post it on Instagram & tag me! I'm @cityscapebliss!

DIY Hanging cord lamp 
DIY Hanging cord lamp 
DIY Hanging cord lamp