As you have seen in my home update post (read here) I have been enjoying upping my home decor game this month. When you're a blogger (or work from home), you have most likely created a little work spot. It might be a whole office or a studio, or maybe just a desk in the corner of your spare bedroom. Either way, us aesthetically enthused people usually want to create as pretty a space as possible. Even if it means ordering cat post-its all the way from China or spending £20 on (very very beautiful) utility scissors. These are some of my more recent discoveries in the world of stationery and everything workspace-related. 

glass terrariums (£36, NotOnTheHighstreet): Glass terrariums with mini succulents are the things nowadays apparently and even though I kinda want to dislike them for being so popular, they are just adorable. They have some extremely beautiful ones in Urban Outfitters at the moment (well and what's not amazing in the UO home section right?!), but if you're looking for a more affordable option then definitely explore TKMaxx and Homesense. They usually have tons of these for as little as a fiver!
pretty guide books (£8.99 each, Anthropologie): Stacks of lovely books work as both motivation and inspiration in your workspace. These tiny guide books won't take up a lot of space, are useful and you can collected one by one until you have a whole set! 
desk lamp (£15, IKEA): A bargain lamp which has a beautiful classic design. 
cat post-its (£0.25 each, Aliexpress): These are the most stunning cat post-its you've ever seen. And they come with a miniature foldable paper box to put the kitty in! Oh ehm gee!  
vintage posters (£0, Google): Yeah, that's right - you can just Google 'vintage travel poster' or 'retro travel poster' and print it out - for your own use obviously, not that you gonna start sellin' them like ice-cream, sheeesh! I can't see an issue though when you print yourself one out on a photo paper and frame it. If you get bored of it there's nothing easier (and cheaper) than replacing it with another printout!
candles: There's not a room in your house which wouldn't benefit from a candle. Especially now the evenings are getting darker and longer. My absolute favourite candles are from a company called DW Home which I believe you can only get in TKMaxx here in the UK. They are a little pricier (about £7 a pop) but they smell gorgeous and last for months and months! I have one of these in each room, that's how obsessed I am with them.  
weekly planner (£12, Fox & Star): These planners are just so neat and minimalist! Because I wasn't feeling splurgy enough to spend more than a tenner on what essentially is just a few sheets of paper, I made my own in powerpoint. It's super easy, would you like to see how to maybe? 
clipboard (£6, IKEA): These clipboards are so useful - not only that you can use them for the usually clipboard actions - you can also hang them up instead of frames! 
Have you got your own work station at home?
What do you usually do there - blog, craft or just surf the internets?