Mario Badescu and got2b hair products
Although I don't like putting labels on myself, I am an Aussie girl at heart. Their shampoos smell delicious and they never fail to deliver on the washing and detangling front. Not that long ago I received some Mario Badescu shampoos to try - who knew Mario Badescu did hair care too?! I have also been sent a brand new got2b invention - 10 in 1 styling treatment (which basically should equal to a miracle in human language). And what did I think about these two bad boys?

So far I have tried two Mario Badescu shampoos - All purpose egg shampoo (link here) and Henna & seamollient shampoo (link here). I was drawn to the All purpose egg shampoo straight away. It ultimately reminds me of my childhood. Coming originally from a very very small village in the middle of nowhere my mum and me would sometimes pop into our local drugstore (and by local I mean about 5km away) to pick up some necessities rather than driving all the way to the big city. When we needed a new bottle of shampoo you would have the following options: a nettle shampoo, a birch shampoo and an egg shampoo. Because these were the most natural (and at the time the cheapest, how times change) shampoos you could get. Eggs make your hair really glossy - you can even make your own egg hair mask - just mix two eggs with lukewarm water and slap it on for an hour. Plus eggs are really gentle on your scalp. And so is the Mario Badescu egg shampoo, both of them really. They make my hair really glossy and overall just make them feel very clean (but not stripped down). Would be ideal for those who are sensitive to more aggressive shampoos or who don't like strongly scented ones.  

Okay, companies really need to get off the bandwagon of 545629764932 in 1. It just ain't believable. This little bud definitely doesn't do 10 in 1 things to your hair, nope. But it does tame frizzy hair (in this horrible autumnal weather even my dead straight hair gets the odd frizz here and there), it makes my hair smell absolutely lush (really strong, almost like a hair perfume!) and it makes my hair look glossier and smoother. And it's a bit of a bargain (click here) so even if it was just 3 in 1 it would be worth giving it a go to be fair!

Have you tried any of the above?