I always say that everyone who always looks happy, smiles at 7am on a Monday morning and wants to be friends with everyone is a bad person - because they are either a hypocrite, a liar or a ticking bomb about to explode. Who has never been miserable simply hasn't lived. FACT. Because without being a little miserable, a little sad and a little under the weather every now and then you will never experience the thrill of boring things (as Andy Warhol once said). Do you know anyone who needs some cheering up, a supply of, as Andy W called them - boring things - to thrill them even? An emergency happiness box is exactly what you're looking for! 

Boxes full of happiness are not ready made, you can't just simply go to a toy or office-supply shop, buy a box and hand it over to your sad Stacy. That's not how happiness boxes work, oh no. Emergency happiness boxes are DIYed - with care, love and thoughtfulness. Now, what can you put in such a box?

Your EHB (as I like to call them) can be full of... memories:
  • photos of Stacy and you on all the fun trips you've been to
  • pebbles from a beach Stacy and you visited last summer
  • pictures of cats and a USB loaded with cat videos you both favourited on YouTube  
...themed gifts for your gardening pal who's beans he's been growing since March just all died:
  • little packets of seeds
  • a tiny lithops (a kind of succulent that looks like a brain) in a pot (they need about zero water and are practically immortal)
  • Alan Titchmarsh's latest mini book on pruning cucamelons
  • a couple of seed paper butterflies 
...little nothings that will cheer up even the grumpiest git 
  • post-its in the shape of a cat
  • sweets, chews and lollipops
  • colourful pencils 
  • a slice of chocolate cheesecake
Viking, the office supply store, decided to spread the happiness and share some of their own EHBs with a couple of bloggers. You can read more about the #emergencyhappiness project here. When I received mine I thought Shaun would be the best giftee - after a long day at work and some train travel related stress. But as it always goes in this household Cookie took over and decided that the presents were solely for his own amusement. Well done you little bugger, well done! 

Have you ever made an EHB for anyone?
What did you put in it?