... because there's no greater love than the one you can have for a bottle of perfume and a feathery necklace. Right. The truth is that I have been so busy at work and with the thing called life that I even the littlest things were putting a smile on my face. Eg these 6 pretty gems.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (John Lewis, £45): On the 1st of July I proclaimed my love to Mr Perricone here on the blog and well, our love is as strong as ever. This little bottle of miracles gives you skin confidence you never thought was possible and makes your mornings go turbo. Bloggers will understand when I say that although this first bottle was a PR sample, I have already ordered a backup. Yeah, that's right.  

Nuxe Perfume (Beauty Expert, £43.50): Have you ever seen a perfume that smells the way it looks? Well this is it, ladies and gentlemen. It smells golden and sweet and oriental and everything that you've ever wanted a perfume to be. It smells like the sunniest holiday and the best date you've ever been on. And the most expensive shop you've ever been to. Nuxe is all of that. I bloody love this perfume so much! Just go and smell it, you have to! Oh - and to actually tell you what is smells like - it's very much like the Nuxe oil but way better and a little sweeter.   
Feather necklace (H&M, sale £3): I was buying a blazer and a shirt in H&M the other day and on my way to the tills I saw this little necklace hanging on a random rail just like that. And it was on sale. And it goes perfectly with the rest of my purchases. Fate or what?! If you're after a new necklace have a look at the H&M sale, they still have a lot of pretty ones available and most of them are just £3 or £4.   
Dermacol Duo Blusher (DM, ca £4): I'm cheating here a little because this blusher is not available in the UK (as far as I am aware). I bought it quite a while back (read a year+) when I went to visit my parents. And I totally forgot I had it - I feel like it was probably a present for someone but I forgot to give it to them? Ooops! Apart from the pretty lace design and a lovely colour what I really love about this is the scent - Dermacol make-up has this very specific 'Czech' scent to, a bit of vanilla but a bit of something a little more expensive? Ah, smells like home.  
⇢ Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige (Debenhams, £20): Bobbi Brown lipsticks are just so bloody expensive but man are they good! I think if I was to pick two top lipstick brands for me then it would definitely be Bobbi Brown and perhaps Chanel? This lipstick is the best brown/nude shade ever and it makes me feel all grown-up and sophisticated (as if I am either of those). 
Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara (Feel Unique, £26): Again, one of my most favourite brands in the whole wide world. If you didn't know Jane Iredale is very different from most of other make-up brands because her products are not only make-up as such but also contain skincare agents. This means that whilst prettifying your (already pretty I'm sure) face, you're also protecting and nourishing your skin. Although I have read some underwhelming reviews of this mascara, I think it's rather fabulous. It's not particularly thickening, I won't lie to you, but it's very VERY lengthening and great at combing through and separating lashes.

     What's your favourite beauty product at the moment?