Holiday wishlist

This summer I'm actually gonna go on holiday. Can you believe that I haven't been on a real holiday for something like 5 years?! Crazy ay?! I don't even remember what sunbathing and doing nothing feels like (yes, feel sorry for the little worker bee I am ha!). Now although my holiday hasn't been officially booked yet I do feel like I should be getting excited! So what does a girl who hasn't been on proper holiday for years wishes for?

✓ Everything Gypsy & Bohemian
I'm not even on Tumblr but I'm pretty sure that that's what I want my holiday to be like. I've stocked up on some crochet bralets and bikinis, got myself a brown faux suede tassel bag, a flowy leopard print maxi skirt, loads of silver coin necklaces and bracelets and a pack of temporary tattoos. I refuse to think that my holiday will be any less Bohemian than a For Love & Lemons new season trailer. Have you seen any really nice gladiator style sandals? I'm on a look out for a simple pair of tan ones!   

✓ The scent of piƱa colada & Hawaiian lilies 
My whole holiday will smell like coconuts and Hawaiian flowers. With a hint of sea salt, obviously. I've been endlessly tempted by the new Monoi collection from Yves Rocher and really think it needs to be done! They are currently running some ace offers (as per usual) - on their website you can find 45 products for a fiver max (so £2, £3, £4, £5 - click here to see the offer) and also a selection of fragrances for up to 50% plus you get a free beach bag - click here! Have you seen anything tempting on their website?      

✓ Beaches, books and #blessed
The plan is that I spend 99% of my holiday on the beach, reading those 543574652 books which I have bought but never got to reading them. I swear to God I'm gonna read at least a dozen of them! And I'll definitely burn because that's what always happens when I read a book in the sun but hey - it's MAH HOLIDAY!

Are you going anywhere sunny anytime soon?
Tell me all about your holiday plans in the comments below!