shirt: New Look // top: H&M // watch: TKMaxx
The sexiest piece in man's wardrobe is hands down a crisp white shirt. Now let me give you a little history lesson. Did you know that the very first white shirt ever made was made in Egypt about 3000 BC? The sleeves were apparently finely pleated to give the shirt a form-fitting shape - how high tech is that? In 2015 some brands can't even be bothered to give their shirts a shape, let alone make them form-fitting! Yet it wasn't until the 20th century when shirts started being worn as a standard garment, rather than underwear - can you believe that? All that white shirt sexiness was considered too raunchy for daily wear! What! Just imagine the world without fit men in white shirts. Or maybe don't even. *shivers*

It wouldn't be us women though if we didn't want everything in the world for ourselves. Including everything in a man's wardrobe. Especially when it comes to ripped jeans, oversized hoodies, that dirty pair of converse and obviously - the white shirt. You know what's ace though? Unlike the jeans and trainers (which probably won't fit ya), every now and then you can sneak into your boyfriend's, husband's, brother's even wardrobe and nick their white shirt! Score! 

Check out these 4 ways how to incorporate such borrowed white shirt into your daily attire.  
 I made you a morning coffee dress
The most obvious and oh so movie-like way of wearing your boyfriend's shirt. It really doesn't matter whether your boyfriend is a buff hence his shirts are 10 sizes too big for you. You can just throw them on and lounge around the house, maybe even make that morning coffee/cuppa for him (note: please be sure your boyfriend is not overprotective of his creaselessly ironed shirt and won't throw a tantrum because you're wearing his shirt instead of your old Tee!). Either way, that white shirt will become the most comfortable piece of clothing you've ever worn.    

 Let's pretend it's an actual dress
There are some very brave women amongst us. I'm talking about those who wear their boyfriend's white shirt as an actual dress. They just tie up a belt around their waist, put their hair up in a messy do, throw on little ankle booties and are off. Bloody hell, don't you just hate these little French ladies who can pull this look off? I do, I do hate them just as much as I admire them. Little minxes.   

 The kimono/cardigan hybrid
Let's talk comfort once again. Shirts (not just the crisp white ones) are the easiest thing to throw on for a casual look. In fact it doesn't even matter what you're wearing - the chances are throwing a shirt over it will make it at least 23% more casual and 65% more comfortable. Shirts are your protectors from sun burnt shoulders and chilly summer evenings. Winner winner chicken dinner.    

 The waist accentuator
A slightly more advanced and on trend technique - wearing a shirt tied around your waist to accentuate the sexiness of an hourglass figure. Because wide child bearing hips and a tiny wasp waist is apparently the thing man dribble over. And you know, I ain't doing any crazy exercises to make my waist look thinner - especially if all I need to do is to tie a shirt around my waist instead! Ha!   

What is your favourite piece in your boyfriend's wardrobe?  

shirt: New Look // cap: TKMaxx // trousers: Urban Outfitters