I'm officially obsessed with Yves Rocher fragrances, you already know that (read here if you missed the post). They smell way more expensive than they actually cost and the scent is also more unique than your regular drugstore or even higher end perfume. What I haven't been exploring in particular depth is Yves Rocher make-up range, and deary me it was a mistake! Let me introduce you to 4 Yves Rocher products which you need to create the perfect forest green smokey eye.  

Fixing Eyelid Primer (£12.50 £7.50)
The fixing eye shadow primer comes in a very petite tub (7ml) however you really don't need a lot. In fact I used it with the eye shadow quad (below) only once to give it a try and since the eye shadow quality is pretty damn good, you don't actually need to use a primer at all. At least my eye lids didn't need it (they tend to be a little dry - for comparison). It is a good little primer though so I shall be using it to fix some slightly more powdery eye products! 

Quad eye shadow sumptuous colour palette in Brilliant Green (wet & dry) (£25 £12.50)
The prettiest eye shadow palette I've seen in a while! Okay, I admit - I'm sucker for golden packaging (Jane Iredale, Joan Collins and the likes), however this palette would be ace even if it didn't come in such a pretty case. I've been looking for a forest green quad for pretty much over a year - yeah, you're right, I was waiting for Clarins to come out with something slightly more exciting than their Autumn quad which had just one green shade in it - booo! And this is it. It comes with 3 different (and all wearable) shades of green and a greigy taupe with a hint of champagne. You can use these in a similar way you'd use the Clarins quads - either dry with a dry brush or you can spray your brush with a little bit of fixing spray and use the shadows wet for more intense colour pay off. Da bomb!   

Intense Kajal 100% (£15.90 £9.95)
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a felt tip eyeliner girl. Or a liquid one if it comes to it. Pencils and kajals just don't cut it for me. The only time I would use a kajal eyeliner is for a very dramatic smokey eye - if that's something you wear a lot, maybe for a night out, then this would be a good little liner for you to pick up! 

Mascara Volume Vertige (£22 £11.50)
Again, I'm terribly picky with my mascaras. Terribly. So far the only non-Eyeko mascaras which I've truly enjoyed were Clinique, Revlon and surprise surprise - Yves Rocher. In the past I had their Lash Plumping Mascara which was great for volume. The Volume Vertige mascara on the other hand I feel is more for a natural look with a bit of lengthening effect. It doesn't flake and doesn't budge and thanks God - you can take it off without ripping half of your eye lashes out which tends to be the bane of good mascaras! 

Overall, Yves Rocher make-up is definitely one to explore a little more. For more products and more Frenchness go over to the official Yves Rocher website

Have you tried anything from the Yves Rocher make-up range?
Have you seen a green eye shadow quad done by any other brand?