Floor lamps

One of the current life dilemmas of mine is the selection of a floor lamp. Because when you finally decide to buy something it's either out of stock or, if you're as lucky as me, it becomes discontinued. Bloody ace that is. *pulls a grumpy cat face* 

I mean - I don't want that much. I want it to be tall-ish (but not giant so it wouldn't fit into our living room), ideally it would have adjustable lamp shade, it also needs to look pretty damn swanky with a little bit of a 'I found it in someone's attic' edge. Above you can see a shortlist of my favourites - let me know which one you like the most in the comments section below! I could really do with a helping hand. 

Another soft spot of mine at the moment are Moroccan poufs. I'm convinced these are going to be the next big interior design thing after we get bored of everything marble, gold and copper. They are so ridiculously beautiful and look stunning even in a non-Moroccan interior. Plus they are not stupidly expensive either, you can get them for about £50 a pop on Amazon (you only get the cover and you stuff it with either polystyrene balls which you get at local market or stationery supplies or you can stuff them with old clothes or textiles). Click here to check out the brown one. They are all handmade and hand-embroidered, aaaah! I just can't decide which colour is prettier, damn you first world problems.

Which floor lamp would you pick?
And what do you think about the Moroccan poufs? 

Moroccan poufs
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Moroccan poufs
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Moroccan poufs
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