I understand that for some it might be hard to believe when I say that I've had a pretty bad acne when I was in my teens. I've probably already told this story in some of my previous posts so just a quick refresh: one day I drank a juice at school and by the end of the day my face was on fire. You've never seen so much redness. It turned out that there might have been some chemical or what not in the juice and I had an allergic reaction to it. Awesome, right? This little episode ended up with my face covered in blisters which after a few days turned into spots. And spots turned into acne. It wasn't as bad as it can get but it kicked my confidence to the gutter and left some annoying scars. Here are 5 tips on how to deal with acne (or even just spot here spot there) scars.

This is a terrible habit of mine and over the past years I've managed to break it in a way - every now and then I find myself doing the thinker pose or stroking my (imaginary... or not, ha) beard. But I don't touch my face half as often as I used to, promise you. I truly believe that touching your face is one of the worst things you can do when suffering from acne or even 'just' acne scars. With acne it's kinda obvious - you end up spreading bacteria all over your face, gross! With scars it's slightly different but just as damaging - you are likely to end up scratching them or picking them.  

I'm not going to be advocating the standard 'your acne is worse because you're wearing so much foundation'. With acne scars it's a little different - you're obviously going to try and cover them. What I'd suggest though is try watch the products you're using - for instance my skin gets really irritated when I use certain shampoos or conditioners (as my hair's long and often touches my face), not just foundations and creams. If you're scars are on the fresher side, this can irritate them immensely and there's nothing more unpleasant than a spot on a spot on a spot on a scar sort of scenario. .    

Acne scars are nothing anyone should be ashamed of. If you're spots have not reached the severe stage then the chances are they'll eventually go away. I was lucky that mine were around my nose and under my eyes which made them look like freckles - plus my scars go darker when exposed to the sun, guess that's a bonus for me. Yet they did go away eventually. The worst thing you can do is to stress about them, which is more than likely going to bring out more spots. And there you go again - a spot on a spot on a spot...  

Now if you're acne scars are pretty dark and visible you will want to actually do something about them rather than just wait for the sun and cell-renewal to do its job. While I had acne I really enjoyed using La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. (review here). I know a lot of people have got a love-hate relationship with this product but it just worked for me. It treated the spots as well as the scars which I believe is one of the reasons they are not all that tragic. I still use it every single time a spot pops up on my face and it hasn't disappointed me yet. Insobeau Acnic is another product that works great for me - I believe it works very similarly to the Origins spot treatment however as opposed to Origins, Insobeau Acnic is really difficult to get hold of as I believe I received it in a Memebox.  

Finally, if you've been suffering or suffered with a severe form of acne, you might want to explore more options than just creams and potions. Nowadays you can choose from a range of acne scar treatments - and it's always a good idea to have an expert to give you their opinion on your options. We live in an age where when something's bugging you, something's affecting your confidence then you can do something out about it. There's no point sitting at home, having confidence of a mouse and watching your life slip through your fingers. Go and do something about it. 

Have you ever suffered from acne scarring?
What would your tip number 1 be for people who suffer from acne scars?