My hair care and hair styling routine
My hair curled with Nava hair straighteners (you know how dead straight it normally is!)

Hair in general is quite a pain to keep looking nice and put together, especially when it comes to cold windy days like the ones we've been having this past week. This gets twice as painful when your hair is long - and my hair has been growing ridiculously quickly lately, it's definitely time to pop into hairdresser's very very soon! Before that happens, let me show you how I care about my hair and how I style it (the lazy girl's way).  

First of all - I try to keep my hair maintenance routine to minimum - minimum products and minimum time spent styling it. I was my hair twice a week and use Macadamia Flawless cleansing conditioner (full review here). It's a brilliant product which combines shampoo and conditioner in one and makes your hair super shiny and detangled (you can actually run a comb through your hair when it's wet even if you hadn't brushed it before jumping into the shower). For styling I use Wen styling cream which smells like heaven, by the way. I use it on wet hair, just a little pea size amount which I rub into the length and the ends of my hair. Before using heat on my hair I use Carino Miracle oil (super cheap from Aldi, full review is here). Now if I need a touch of extra texture I use Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric texturising spray. It's the only texturising spray I have found that doesn't make my hair sticky and horrible. In addition to these I sometimes use dry shampoo and hairspray - both from the Umberto Giannini range (full review here), which I've been using for almost a year by now and still love them!      

In autumn and winter I enjoy having wearing my hair wavy more than just straight - I feel like straight hair in cold hair looks even flatter and heavier on my head than it would in warmer weather, which is just not a good look on me. So I curl it. I've been using my Cloud 9 hair straighteners for curling for probably over 5 years now (oh the horror, the dread!). Well yes, it was time to replace my trusty old pair with a newer, more swankier pair. It's really hard for me to find a good pair of straighteners though which can handle my coarse hair. The winner for me has been the Nava hair straighteners. They are designed with 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly across the iron (which works great on my thick hair). The iron has adjustable temperature (140-450F) and uses FAR-Infrared Technology which means the heat doesn't damage your hair. Nava also offers a lifetime warranty which I think is pretty crazy (crazy good that is!) and you can redeem your warranty online (just like you'd do with your laptop). I'm absolutely in love with these (not mentioning that they come in a swanky raspberry colour) as they do exactly what I want my hair straighteners to do - this pair is reliable and does the job, I dare say, even better than my Cloud 9's! 

Normal retail price of the Nava hair straighteners is £99.99, however as the brand is only just being introduced in the UK you can grab a pair of hair straighteners for £79.99 (free P&P). On the top of that Nava has been so kind that they are offering the hair straighteners to Cityscape Bliss readers for just £49.99 (an absolute bargain for the top quality you're getting!) - use code cb_supersaver - and click here to order your own Nava hair straighteners.

If you're looking for more information get in touch with Nava via their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.           

What brand are your holy grail hair straighteners?

My hair care and hair styling routine

My hair care and hair styling routine