The YOU home
So it's actually happening. Oh, you don't know what? Our landlord is a bit of a poon and therefore we decided not to waste any more of our nerves on this flat, pack our little (read frickin' massive) suitcases and move on. This saddens me because I sort of grew to love our flat (it's ridiculously small but we painted the walls, bought all the furniture, shed our blood while we replace the floor in the hallway) but it also gives me a major 'new home' kick.    

I love, love, love (just like every other girl) making a house our home. Although we haven't found the place yet, I've (logically) started shopping for a new place. I'm not a huge fan of mainstream interior design, which is sometimes hard to overcome if you're living in England. Majority of houses in our area have got every room painted in pissy magnolia colour, ideally in combination with pissy magnolia carpet, ridiculously large skirting, the narrowest life-threatening stairs and paper walls. Oh and those noodle-shaped gardens with zero flower beds. Because of all the above, it's sometimes stupidly hard to give your home a bit -of 'you' touch - trust me, you can only combine so many colours with pissy magnolia.   

Now, what is 'our' touch? In terms of interior design style terminology I reckon it is something along the lines of industrial, vintage, Scandinavian and African. You know - exposed light bulbs, old cat tea pots from car boot sales and Justin's lion and elephant decorations with a dash of fur here and there. It's nothing super original and creative but I feel like it's a good balance of Eastern European, South African and English, yaaarr.

The very first area of focus in our new home will be ART. I come from a very arty family so I've been finding it quite hard to live in a small flat with minimum wall space. In my dream house I want to have gallery walls everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathroom. In our current flat I've managed to put together a little wall gallery of inspiration people (I've had these images since the dorm room years, oh yes) which I absolutely adore. Anne Frank, Woody Allen, Salvatore Dali, Charles Bukowski ya know - my favourite bunch of people. So far I've bought some prints from Etsy (the prints above are from this seller and they are beyond stunning, and such a good quality!), one of them featuring my favourite Bukowski quote. I've actually bought all three of the prints above, because - a cat in a space suit. Yup. I'm also terribly obsessed with carved cow skulls. Or any skulls really (in the most harmless way possible). I might just get one off Etsy, they've got the best selection of faux taxidermy! Aah, I can't wait to buy more home-y things!!

Also, listen to this song. You'll love it. 

What's your interior design style?
How do you add 'you' style to your home?