Revolution Bar in Birmingham

Have you ever been out clubbin' in Brum? If the answer is yes then I bet my pants that you went out to clubs on Broad Street. Unless you've got a full time job (and some spare dolla) and the night started at Brindley Place or Mailbox. Either way, even if you started your night at a glamorous place, you probably ended up on Broad Street anyways. Now when I was at uni (believe it or not, that's only a year & half ago!) it wasn't the most glamorous of places. Broad Street hasn't given up though - the businesses there have been steppin' up the game ever since - Revolution Bar (learn more here) being one of them!

Revolution Bar is at the very top of Broad Street, just a few steps from the Cineworld complex, the Crescent Theatre and the canals. Back in the day it was pretty much a regular bar/club place - one of those you went to just because it was on the 'to-go' places on your bar crawl Tee. Then it went through a refurb of some sort - it was decent. One of those placed you went to for a quick dinner and a cocktail with your mates before heading to a proper dancy club. Only recently a big revolution took place - a proper refurb and a proper new menu with a proper new feel of the place.

The interior changed a fair bit - the design is much brighter and more sophisticated, creating a real feel-good atmosphere. The new menu is inspired by all things Americana - which is the vibe you're getting from the place. Something in between a Brummy bar with a fresh American diner twist. In an interview, the new executive chef Mark Rush said that their aim is 'to produce a menu of dishes that people will fall in love with' and although it sounds like a cliche, I think they did a terrific job. We had the chance to come & try some of the new dishes and at the end of the dinner we basically proclaimed the new Revolution our new favourite place to eat. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a place that makes a really nice pizza - I mean Domino's is close to perfect, but what you really want is a thin crust with the right amount of burnt crunch and a thick layer of toppings, which you can't get unless someone makes the pizza for you there & then. And that's exactly what they started doing in Revolution - they make all their dishes from scratch there & then! Nom! So I obviously had a bad boy pizza (I'm not even trying to be funny here, seriously - it's called a Bad Boy!). It was super delish & the service was uber pleasant, too!

Next time we're heading to a cinema or a show in the Crescent theatre this will be an obligatory dinner (& cocktail!) stop. You can find more about Revolution here.

Have you ever been out on Broad Street?

If you're local - what's your favourite place to eat out in Brum?

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