Cookie black white maincoon cat

My boyfriend (and I bet yours too) is the loveliest person in the universe. There are moments though (especially when he thinks I'm not looking) when he does things that I can't even comprehend. This doesn't necessarily mean they are bad or naughty things (oh you filth, we're not talking about that!), they are just things they don't necessarily want us girls to know about. What are they?

...eats sweets, chocolates & cheesecakes
It wasn't until I moved in with a boy when I realised how much they are able to actually consume at once and it wasn't until I moved in with Justin when I realised how much sugar he's able to eat in a single portion. Just like many other boys, Justin goes to the gym every other day, he's got a massive tub of protein powder next to the bed, his dinner needs to be balanced (you can only have one potato if you're having a whole steak, right). He can also eat a whole cheesecake for dessert. In one day. In 15 minutes if there's no one to stop him. And they say that it's us girls having a sweet tooth - whaaat?!

...power-naps cuddled to your cat
Is your boyfriend oddly indifferent to your cat? Because cat is such a girly pet? Yeah, been there, seen that, didn't believe that for a minute. When I'm at home, Justin & Cookie rarely cross their paths. To be honest, they are rarely in the same room, unless they really really really have to! It wasn't until I came home early from work one day to find them both nappin' on the sofa curled up in a little bundle of cuteness together (a real awwwwh moment right there!). Sometimes when I come home early Justin's got Cookie wrapped up in a blankie sleepin' on his chest while they're watching telly together (awh moment no 2). I say don't believe him when he says he's not a car person - everyone's a cat person!

...plays online games
The one that drives me extremely mad - but I do it myself too. I mentioned this some time ago (read the post here), I love the idea of online gaming but I'm absolute rubbish at it. On the other hand - Justin's pretty damn good at it (suspiciously good considering he just rarely plays it in front of me, tut tut!). The other day he was showing me this website called Gambling Kingz UK EditionIt's basically a massive online portal which tells you pretty much everything about online games & betting - it's got news, reviews, rules, results. You can even get a scratch card online which is pretty swanky - much easier (and apparently more lucrative) than running around Asda and searching your pockets for a pound coin (it's gone up to £2, hasn't it?). And online scratch cards are apparently the online game at the moment so I was pretty keen to try it. Did we win? No. But hey - at least he wasn't trying to completely hide it from me, right? trash TV shows
Let me list just a few: Jeremy Kyle Show, You've Been Framed, Kardashians, Lizard Lick Towing. Especially the last one is hard to bear. And he always seems to be watching at least 10 episodes in a row. *shivers in disgust* Seriously - guys watch some terrible things. I mean Gossip Girl & Gilmore Girls - that's a bit classier, innit? That reminds me I need to go CEX and buy the Gilmore Girls box set (I’ve wanted to do that for ages!) - I always watch the Halloween episode just before October and it makes me feel super festive, ha!

...does online shopping
Yes. Oh yes. So basically - my boyfriend has got more clothes than I do. I bet there are some of you girls out there who are secretly embarrassed for not having enough clothes compared to your beloved other half. Like, how?! Justin has got about 50 T-shirts and 30 pairs of shoes. Where and when has he found the time in his life to acquire 50 T-shirts and 30 pairs of shoes?! Dear god. Well, I guess I know how that happened - he does more online shopping that your average female online-shopaholic. I almost regret introducing him to Aliexpress. *sigh*!

Does your boyfriend do any of these things?
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