Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to be part of Summer Style Saturday event in Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch (explore it here). Redditch is actually not too far from Birmingham - it's about 20 minutes on train from the centre, and even closer if you're staying at the campus of University of Birmingham. The day was full of fashion happenings - from style wars to style recommendations. It was so much fun! Apart from having a blast and learning so much more about fashion and this season's trends, I've also had time to explore the shopping centre and to find a handful of my new favourite shops! If you ever find yourself in Redditch, these are the stores you seriously need to visit!

Sally Hair & Beauty Supplies
A tiny beauty shop with loads of brands you can't usually find in your regular high street drugstore. They have got so many OPI/China Glaze nail polishes that you can't pick just one shade!

Magical Story
My most favourite home decor store in the whole universe (even better than IKEA!). My general perception of gift shops is usually a bit meh - they tend to have weird tacky stuff that usually just ends up collecting dust on your shelves. Magical Story is different - just about everything these is a useful thing - from a basket, to a set of vintage looking playing cards or a furry blanket. They also stock Santoro which I didn't even know was being stock in any high street stores (click here to find out more about Santoro).

You must be thinking why, for God's sake, would I even suggest you travel all the way to Redditch to go to H&M. Different H&M's stock slightly different items - it's as simple as that. The one in Redditch has got a logical layout, is clean and tidy and stocks a little bit of everything - even some underwear which a lot of H&M's don't seem to do.

Death & Glory Records
A little bit outside of the fashion box is the Death & Glory Records shop. Guess I've inherited the LP love from my dad who has got a collection of thousands and thousands of vinyls (no joke). It's really hard to find a nice vinyl shop nowadays (unless you go rummaging through car boot sales) so if you're a fan of LP's, this is a place for you!

B&M Bargains
Errrm, what?! Well B&M Bargains is not everywhere - especially not in Walsall or Birmingham city centre, yet it's definitely one of the must-places for us bargain-hunters. You always find some amazing bargain there - the last time I went I found these amazing Moroccan style lamps for some £4!

Have you been to Redditch before?
Are you from Redditch? What are your favourite shops to go to?

Kingfisher Shopping Centre in RedditchKingfisher Shopping Centre in RedditchKingfisher Shopping Centre in RedditchKingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch
💭 All images were taken by Craig from the Kingfisher Shopping Centre. Thank you, and thank you Penny & the rest of the team for inviting me!