Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box review

Yup. So it's a thing now. I'm in loooove with Memebox. This time I got the Superbox #42, which is a birthday box. It's just as lush as the previous one (that one was all about hair & body - read the post here), if not more! And why's that?

Because the superboxes don't have any sample sizes in them - they only have full sized products! Finally a box which is not trying to fob you off with a little sachets of hand cream. This box had a one-brand-theme going on, which I thought was going to be a bit of a let down, but it was the opposite. The brand featured in this box is I Believyu - a Korean brand I've never heard of before, I can't even find any specific information on the brand apart from the information on the Memebox website - but heck, the products seem unique enough for me to dive in head first!

⇢ All in One Hair & Body Wash: Not gonna lie, this one looks just a little boring - although this might be only because it's being overshadowed by the other goodies in the box. It's basically a shower/bath all-in-one and the ingredients range from chamomile to carrot which is something a little bit different from your standard shower gel/shampoo! 
⇢ Flower Hand Cream (4x): Again - just a hand cream. These are super cute though - although there are 4 of them (who the heck does need 4 hand creams at once?!), each of them has got slightly different ingredients (corresponding with the flower on the packaging). I've only opened one so far and it smells so lovely!
⇢ Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser: Now here we come to the uber exciting products. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. I've never seen packaging like this before, nor have I seen a product like this. It feels a bit like a washing powder but you add a little water and it turns into a creamy cleanser. So strange! 
⇢ Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub: I can't even. This is a sugar scrub. In a form of CUBES. Oh ehm gee. Like seriously - who would not get excited about this? It's so pretty I don't even wanna use it (and I don't say this very often about products!). 

As you can imagine, this grand box is currently sold out (booo! - it was just $29, too!) but there are loads of other ones that could catch your eye - have a browse here! They all feature some crazy (and amazing) Korean products - which I bet you probably haven't even heard of! I really like the look of the Collagen Box - apparently there's a hair collagen product included?!

If you fancy $5 off any box - just use this code at the checkout: NMPGVR (valid until the end of August)
BAM! You're welcome!

There will definitely be some more in depth reviews comin' up, especially one of the two latter products, so keep your eyes peeled! To read more about Memebox & Korean beauty - please click here

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I bloody love it!
Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box