Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice blush palette
Makeup Revolution is on a roll, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls. They've been rollin' out so many new launches lately that I possibly cannot keep up! There are all the eye shadow palettes, crazy lipsticks, baked bronzers, concealer palettes and what not. What particularly caught my eye though was the Sugar & Spice Blush and Contour palette.

In the rather sleek black packaging with a massive mirror you'll find 8 pans full of gorgeous colours. I wouldn't necessarily say that this palette contains both blusher and contour shades as the shades are all slightly pink-toned however that doesn't take away from its beauty. There are six matte shades & two shimmery ones - the matte shades range from nude to almost neon pink, one of the shimmer colours is a hot pink (and the shimmer is so so finely milled that it creates more of a sheen than shimmer once applied on skin) and the second colour is a cool toned highlighter with the fairest hint of purple. This palette is ideal for those who enjoy dippin' their brushes into different colours every day and don't particularly feel like spending £20 on a single pan of a MAC blusher. The lasting power is not bad, although these colours do tend to fade on me after a couple of hours (which may as well be the base I'm using as I've read some fabulous reviews on other blogs!)

Sugar & Spice (as well as about a million other palettes including another contour/blusher palette!) is available on the Makeup Revolution website here and costs just £6, a bargain if you ask me!         

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Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice blush palette

Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice blush palette
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 Disclaimer: This palette has been provided for review purposes by Makeup Revolution. Thank you!