Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadows

Makeup Revolution is apparently the brand everyone's talking about today so why not have a closer look at another product from their collection. I've already pointed out to you that there is a little dupe-age going on with their Vivid Blush Lacquer in Rush & Daniel Sandler's Watercolour blush - which is pretty cool right (read all about it here)? And today it's about my most favourite product from them so far - it's their mono eyeshadows, particularly the Finally Sold Out and Out Of This World collection.

First of all I'd like to have a little moment of appreciation dedicated to the designer of the packaging. Finally! Finally someone figured out that women don't need bulky packaging with an applicator, rounded lid, circular shaped pan, 0.01g of product and a super sized mirror. What we need is a sleek thin packaging you can store easily by stacking on top of each other, packaging which is transparent so you can see the colour of the product, packaging which doesn't have any unnecessary applicators, packaging which allows you to actually swipe your brush in the product without struggling and packaging which you can open without breaking your nails. Well this is it. The packaging here is absolutely spot on! Simplistic and functional.

Now to the product itself - the consistency reminds me a lot of Make-up Academy, it's quite buttery and rich, the pigmentation is really strong and although there is quite a fallout when applying them with brushes (this goes more for the merged ones rather than the solid colours), it's not a massive con, as you can easily apply these with your finger or just be a little bit more careful with your brush. The colours are great both for daily wear and special occasion make-up. The only difference I found between the merged and solid colours is that the merged ones are slightly less pigmented and contain chunkier shimmer (almost glitter) in comparison to the solid colours. The staying power is okay - obviously for the price you're not getting the same quality as you'd get with let's say Clarins (I find Clarins eyeshadows to be super long lasting!), but it's not bad at all - they survived an 8-hour work day without much fading.

Now the cool thing is that these are just £1 a pop! I would pick these up anytime over other budget eyeshadows such as MUA or even Revlon mono's (I really did not like their pigmentation when I swatched them in the store the other day - or was it just a bad tester batch?!). There are quite a few colours to choose from, including matte, shimmer and merged - have a look here!   

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Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadows
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Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadows
Disclaimer: These were sent to me to try by Makeup Revolution peoplez. Thank you!
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