Cat shark bed Our little Cookie's got a new bed! And it's not just A bed - it's a SHARK bed! (Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm talking to my cat in a baby voice here) Seriously now, how adorable is it?! Ever since this little brat was a kitten, he's been extremely fussy with sleeping arrangements. Regular cat beds just wouldn't do it for him. Oh you spoilt git!

When he was a baby he would sleep on the bed with me. When he got a bit older, he had to sleep in his carrier box because he would throw unbelievable running fits throughout the night & I would wake up dead knackered. He enjoyed it there though, because it was a massive carrier with loads of soft blankets & toys inside. Then he upgraded to a wicker cat tree. It has got a dome on the top & a basket dip thing on a side. He would normally sleep on the top of the top dome, occasionally inside and during night in the dip basket thing. Perfect. The issue is that cats & wicker baskets don't go together. Cookie's on a brink of totally destroying it so we decided to think ahead - because he loves it so so much & I find it too hard to just throw it away from under his paws (oh well, yes, I'm that soft). So we got him a dome bed. One last attempt at some sort of cat bed. And you know what? COOKIE FRIKKIN LOVES IT!! ROARR!

The bed is actually a really good quality considering it came all the way from China (the stereotypical prejudice, yes). The cushions are super soft, and the dome is sturdy enough to hold the shape. I bought this swanky shark bed off eBay & it cost around £25. They sell them in 2 different sizes (Cookie has got Medium) and different colours - grey, pink, yellow/blue. You can get it here (& it's just a tenner now!).

What's the most awesome thing you ever bought for your pet?

Cat shark bedCat shark bedCat shark bedCat shark bed