Storage ideas for hair accessories
How to store (and not lose) bobby pins - that's a question that's haunting every girl (and boy) with long hair. Hair accessories are a pain to store in general, but hair pins take the trouble to a whole new level. As to myself - I resorted to cuteness, particularly cat cuteness in a form of this adorable storage tin - because even when there's just a single pin left (and you wonder where the hair pin black hole is), you still won't be able to help it & smile at the cats with umbrellas & handbags duo. 

I've tried so many ways of hoarding hair pins & grips in once place - but with no luck! I attempted to leave them on a tiny decorative saucer, I tried to keep the piece of card board they come with and pin them to it after every use (that lasted for about a day), I tried to have a separate section for them in my make-up drawer - nope, none of it worked for me. What is the secret of how not to lose them all then?

⇢ Place the tin/container in eyes' level
⇢ It has to be easy to open/close it
⇢ Preferably use one with a lid so your hair pins don't gather dust

⇢ Place it in a place where you frequently revisit - your bathroom counter, vanity table
⇢ Every time you put a bobby pin on a shelf/table/chair/bathroom sink/anywhere where it's not meant to be - try to make the conscious effort of getting up and putting it into it's real storage place
⇢ Don't throw your pins into your handbag just like that - have a separate pouch for them, or at least throw them into your make-up bag!  

See below for more storage ideas for hair pins You can get this precious little trinket tin from Santoro London for just £5.99 (click here) and never loose your hair grips again! Scroll down for more storage ideas!    

Storage ideas for hair accessories
The cutest little hair grip tin ever <3

Storage ideas for hair accessories
More cats, more cats!!

How to store hair accessories
A magnetic strip can hold all your bobby pins in one place (Source)

How to store hair accessories
Use an old Tic Tac packaging for this novelty storage idea (Source)

How to store hair accessories
Fancy a bit of DIY? Turn old matchboxes into pin storage (Source)

How do you store your bobby pins?
Share more storage inspiration in the comments! 

Disclaimer: The gorgeous cat tin was given to me for review purposes. Thank you Santoro London!