January has brought a whole lot of changes. And I didn't even see them comin', tut tut! Things always happen in January, though, don't they? Everyone has got this new year's urge to become a better person, somehow, even if it's just for this very first month of the year. In this post you can check out a few totally random items which contributed to the process of me becoming a soulful little thing (instead of my usual prick-self). 

cheerful books: Since I've been suffering from some seriously awful bouts of nightmares, I prescribed myself a good-book diet. No axing of main characters, no lesbian vampire killers. Books that made me especially happy this month were The Rosie Project (read a full review here), I Could Pee On This (because cat poetry is the best kind of poetry), Cook Your Date Into Bed (the first truly hilarious cookbook I've ever come across) and Me and Earl & The Dying Girl (this was pretty damn funny up to the point when the girl actually died, but it still made me develop a rather soft spot for Greg Gaines, nonetheless)

Eyeko Skinny mascara (£15, Asos): I don't think a better mascara than this one actually exists. At least not in this universe, no no. It makes my eyelashes so so long & you can flippin' rub your eyes like crazy and it still won't budge! 

Volare perfume (£12.95, Oriflame): This is a rose perfume that smells like roses and.. wait for it.. looks like a rose, too! Like, a rose inception! The scent is very sweet, I'd say it's roses mixed with violets, but still absolutely gorgeous. Oh, have I mentioned it looks like a rose?!

Nuxe toning lotion with rose petals (£13.50, Look Fantastic): I can't live without a good toner - a toner with some rose ingredient in it, ideally. I think it's completely acceptable to love rose products so much when your mum's name is Rose, right? That basically gives you a permission to go over the top with anything rose-infused.  

Umberto Giannini Morning After dry shampoo (£5.61, Boots): Seriously - who still uses Batiste nowadays? Such a crap dry shampoo that is! Makes you all sticky and dirty and turns your hair white. The Morning After dry shampoo is *mmm* amazing. It makes your hair smell delicious, makes it look actually washed and doesn't have any colour or texture to it at all, it's just there. I'll tell you a little secret now - today is the 6th day after I washed my hair *swallows loudly* and it still looks pretty darn good! 

avocado & ginger: Since goin' on my fresh-food-only diet sort of thing, it became even harder for my tummy to deal with processed food. Last year, I wouldn't mind popping into Tesco's on my lunch break and grabbing a premade Spag Bol meal, shoving it in in less than 5 minutes and back to work. Once you start eating healthily, this is not an option anymore. It's almost like my stomach became uber spoilt and now it only accepts good food. One of the things I've really enjoyed eating this month has been avocado (Justin slices it up and adds freshly ground pepper and lime/lemon juice - *nom nom nom*) & ginger (I add it into my smoothies and sauces - BBQ sauce for chicken or even curry). 

What have you been loving this month?
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