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If you run your own blog you know that blogging doesn't just happen. You simply can't turn your torturous insomniac fits into quality blog posts with a click of your fingers, no matter how much you wish you could & how productive it would make you feel. Quality blogging takes some time (read a shit load of time), a fair deal of preparation & planning and a lot of effort. Now, what can you do to integrate blogging into your daily life as smoothly as possible? Here are a few tips on blog planning & organisation, all based on my own experience.

I'm not gonna lie - when I started blogging more than 5 years ago I didn't plan my posts. Not at all. I grabbed the first nail polish I saw, painted my nails with it (rather messily), took a picture of it (flooded with yellow light) and up on the blog it went. This is not, by any means, a wrong attitude - it's your starting point (we all have been there) and you're full of excitement to share. It just marks the start of a long journey of learning & picking up the neverending bloggin' knowledge.

Now I know that things are much easier when you've got a clear plan in front you. You don't need anything too elaborate - a few key points, some image ideas, the brands/bloggers/products you want to mention. In addition to that, I know that I've got Thursday morning free from meetings & events, so I know that Thursday will be my photography time. At this time of the year, the sun shines through my window up until 2:30pm, so I will take pictures before then and plan the rest of my day around this. I usually take pictures for a week's worth of posts at once, edit them whenever I have some free time (usually in-between cooking dinner & doin' laundry) & upload them onto Blogger. With my iPad I can type up the posts whenever I feel like it - go back & forth adding links, interesting points I think of etc. It's all about time management! 

This might be a bit obvious, but it took me a good while to realise it as a necessity. Some bloggers stick to virtual planners (Outlook planners, to-do apps etc), but I'm useless at those. I need to have a planner I can hold in my hands. When this blog post first went live 3 years ago I used to have a planner from TinyMe, an Australian based company which sells pretty personalised things that are just too cute. Personalised blog planners are something that makes you feel that little bit more special, a bit like a proof that you're taking your blog seriously (at least a tad) & you are singing up for the mental contract of posting regularly. They are a bit pricey - but don't lie to yourself here - didn't you just buy 3 Revlon chubby sticks for some £18 because they're on offer in Boots 3 for 2? So go & get yourself a blog planner, even if it's just from The Works! 

Alternatively you can download a free printable one off the internets - I'm currently using this one but you can find loads more options here.  

How many times am I yet to read about the 'blogger's block/hiatus/and-what-not'?! Jeez, people. It's your blog and if you don't post for a day/a month/a year, I won't blame ya. I won't e-mail ya. I won't give a damn, to be quite frank. It's not like I paid a yearly subscription fee & you are obliged to deliver now we're in this blogger-reader relationship. And if this whole I-don't-know-what-to-blog-about situation bothers you so much, then don't let it happen to you. Avoid it. The way to do this is to constantly & actively seek inspiration. Read a lot of blogs (I find especially US blogs so inspiring - yeah erm sorry UK), make notes on things you liked about those blogs (your blog planner comes handy here), cut out interesting things out of magazines (a nail art you want to try, an outfit you want to sport), draw make-up or outfit inspiration. Maybe you initially branded your blog as a make-up blog but now would like to review a book because you're sick of eyeshadows & foundations? JUST DO IT. Blogging is a world on its own - and it's got pretty much no limitations (maybe avoid adult content and 10 ways how to roll a spliff, but you know - use common sense & you'll be fine).

Finally, let me say this. Blogging is an amazing educational, exciting & horizon broadening hobby, but don't let it take over your life (even if it has become your job!). Organisation & planning are key here and hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your blogging life that little bit more!

Are you a thorough planner or a lazy slacker?

Updated: November 2016

Blog planning & organisation
Blog planning & organisation