I'm definitely one up for the whole faux leather trend. I could wear black faux leather everything if there wasn't that awkward dominatrix association. *sigh* This was quite a casual outfit I was wearing when we went for a walk in Sutton Park.

I'm absolutely in love with my new boots! They're from RoseWholesale, which made me think they're probably gonna be bit of a shady quality - truth is, they're pretty awesome. Justin calls them my walking boots because they have got really good grips on the soles so you don't have to be worried you slip! They have a tiny heel but with the grips there's no way you'd have trouble walking even on ice. The 'Burberry' heart shirt is off E-bay - I probably should have gone for a size bigger since I like baggier fits better, but oh wells - I'll never learn when it comes to Chinese sizing.
Heart shirt (£7, E-bay)
Jeggings (£7, Primark)
Leather jacket (£29, New Look)
Leaf earrings (£2, H&M) 
Black boots (£8.58, RoseWholesale)

What's your favourite pair of boots?

Disclaimer: I was given these boots in exchange for a sidebar ad. Thank you RoseWholesale!