Valentine's Day with Jurlique

Valentine's Day, wohoo! Only a couple of weeks to go! Have you already compiled a list of all the heart-shaped rose-infused presents you'd like to get from your beloved? No? Over the next 2 weeks there will be a few posts with some gorgeous Valentine's presents you can either give or hint that you'd like to receive on that special lovey-dovey day. Instalment number one is all about Jurlique & their beautiful rose collection.

💕 Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (£26.50 + free delivery, Beauty Bay - buy here)
This hand cream is really rich, therefore I'd recommend it as home treatment, rather than an on the go throw-me-in-your-handbag sort of product. As soon as the cream has absorbed into your skin, you can feel how moisturised your hands are. What makes this cream unlike any other is the definitely the rose scent though - it makes you smell like you've been trimmin' rose bushes in your garden whole afternoon - and I mean that in the most beautiful posh way possible.

💕 Jurlique Essence of Rose Fragrance Oil (£13.50, Beauty Bay - buy here)
I've only ever tried oil fragrance when I was in Egypt, which happened to be a rather creepy experience ('miss, I massage your tensed shoulders & cover your hands in oil perfume, no matter how much you don't want this' sort of thing), thankfully the Jurlique experience is something quite different. This fragrance oil comes with a roll on applicator, so you can just pop it into your handbag & use it whenever you need a little bit of a rosy cheer up! It smells just like the hand cream, a beautiful rich rose scent.

💕 Jurlique Love Balm (£10 £8.20, Beauty Bay - buy here)
Although I've read quite a few negative reviews about this, I can't really fault this little magic pot. It's basically a mix of different natural oils & beeswax, which helps sooth & moisturise your skin. Since it is one of those multi-purpose products, you can use is anywhere & everywhere you can think of. I use it as a lip balm, because I find it nice & moisturising (without leaving white yucky residue), as well as a cuticle cream, but you can use it on dry flakey patches on your pretty face or on your elbows. This one is a standard tangerine version, but they also have a limited rose scented one for this time of the year!

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💭 I've been sent these products for a trial but I'm genuinely obsessed with everything rose scented so this is a no brainer!