This post is a bit out of tune with the whole 'the more you talk about spring the warmer it gets outside' trend, but hey ho - a little glitter here & there hasn't killed anyone (yet). Last week I got a rather unexpected present from Justin - Nails Inc set of Christmas crackers! I'm not gonna lie, I did a little happy dance around the living room. 

The set comes with 6 beautiful sparkly glittery crackers, and each of them has got one beautiful Nails Inc nail polish in it. These are the shades:

⇢ Kensington High Street (deep wine)
⇢ Mayfair Mews (blue fibre optic)
⇢ Trafalgar Crescent (silver toned galaxy glitter)
⇢ Mayfair Lane (red Christmas glitter)
⇢ Kings Road (gold foil)
⇢ Baker Street (THE gorgeous cobalt blue)  

All colours are just so pretty, but my personal heart-stopper is Baker Street. I don't think I realized how much I wanted it until I actually got. There will definitely be posts on each colour separately because they're just too good not to share with the world. 

What I thought was even sweater was that there was a personalized note added to the box (now everyone go awwwwh, okay). Super sweet! I'm not sure where Justin got it from, but the crackers cost £20 (but are worth almost £70!) on the Nails Inc website (click here).
What's your favourite Nails Inc nail polish shade & why?