Today me & Justin are goin' for our annual Cumbria trip (it's fine to call it annual even though this is just the second time we're goin' there, right?). Because of the Cookie monster, we can only go for one night, and even though it takes absurd 4-5 hours to get there, I'm beyond excited! In aid of packing for the weekend, I've put together my two main ensembles I'm plannin' on wearing there. 

Ensemble nummero 1: the one for a lake walk
Fox sweatshirt (£10, Asda): because there's nothing more comfortable than this oversized fox beauty!
Blue jeggings (£7, Primark): the easiest piece of basic clothing that you can throw on & if the mud or sheep poo gets ya, you won't cry a river
Burgundy beanie (£2, Primark): probably overdoing the burgundy here, but hey - it keeps me warm
Joules dog print wellies (£39.99, Surfdome): if you've ever been to Cumbria yourself, I don't even need to explain this - lakes, sheep, hills & never-ending mud at this time of the year 

Ensemble number 2: the one for a town walk
Plain burgundy top (£7.99, H&M): H&M plain tops are the best plain tops I've discovered so far - they fall apart a little bit too soon, but then, I do wear them to death
Sheep fur vest (£24, Choies): my new favourite piece of clothing - I first saw it in H&M, but it was bloody expensive, something like £35, boo! then I saw this more affordable copy on Choies - and it is as swank as it looks!
Faux leather trousers (£14.99, H&M): the first pair of faux leather trousers that fits me, woop woop! they are so comfortable and actually really warm, so perfect for this cold windy weather that will definitely be around the lakes
Burgundy hat (£10, last year's sale H&M): I don't usually do hats but I've already worn this one to death last winter & my aim is to absolutely slaughter it this year, ha!
Ankle boots (£24.99, H&M): pretty comfy for heeled boots, and they do look rather swaggy with rolled up faux leather trousers  

Do you keep any traditions with your boyfriend?
Maybe a trip you do every year or a place you go for dinner on your anniversary?