Ever since I can remember, my mum had this little red leather bound journal that she kept in her drawer. Oh, secrets, secrets! No, it wasn't an actual journal - it was a quote journal. A simple (but pretty swanky for the time!) blank notepad where she'd write interesting thoughts, quotes or poems she came across. What a brilliant idea, isn't it! And it turned out that she's been keeping it since her 20's, woah! Guess it's time for me to start one, if I don't want to fall behind! 

To start your own quote journal, you can use any journal that you wish (go on Pinterest & check out some of the handmade ones, they're so beautiful!), however for me the choice was rather difficult. It's a journal that I want to keep forever. How do you even shop for something that you want to keep for so long?! Trust me, I wouldn't have one already if it wasn't for Pen Heaven who contacted me about The Pink Ribbon Journal. Now let me say something - I would not be able to find a journal more perfect for my quote book than this one. It's about the same size my mum's one is, it's made of real leather, it's got this traditional sophisticated look to it and my name embossed at the bottom.  

What's more, when you buy The Pink Ribbon Journal (click here), you're supporting The Pink Ribbon foundation - their mission is to support projects & charities dealing with breast cancer. Now this is a rather sensitive topic, but a long time ago my mum had a breast cancer scare, which was one of the scariest things ever (I find Czech doctors somehow aim to scare you to death before actually diagnosing you properly), so this journal definitely does hold a high value in my personal life. As a cherry on the top, I have my own ex-libris made not too long ago, and I absolutely love it. I've ex-libris-ed all my books, as crazy as it sounds! I'll tell you more about my little ex-libris obsession another day though.         

And why to keep a quote journal?
it keeps you inspired & motivated
it makes you stop & think about life
it can remind you of beautiful literature you read or powerful words others said to you
it helps you reflect on your past and learn for the future
it can be relaxing and calming to read through your journal 
it's a constant reminder of your life values   

Have you got your own quote journal?
No? What are you waiting for?