WHAT?! This is a nail polish?! Yes, ladies (& gentlemen) - this is, to be precise, the cutest nail polish ever. Seriously - you can't beat a nail polish that looks like a little berry head doll. Especially when you get 2 for 99p. That's just absolutely insane! *happy crazy 99p overwhelmed by cuteness dance*
Now, seriously - nail polish can't get any cuter than this. The colours are not bad either - coral red and baby blue - and although the bottles (& the brushes) are the tiniest things ever (4.5ml - WHAT?!) and you will need at least 3 coats, overall, they are quite a decent quality! Definitely can't complain for the ridiculous price tag. You can get them in 99p stores and they have loads of other cutesy things in the same collection such as lip glosses and lip balms that look like sweets *nom nom nom*

What's your latest most exciting Poundland/99p store discovery?