If someone asked me what my favourite budget brand of blushers is, I'd most likely smack that person for not knowing that the best drugstore blushers ever made are by Sleek. That's basically a common knowledge -  they are uber pigmented, the packaging is flat & sleek but contains a decent amount of product (8g), has a big mirror inside & doesn't cost a bomb (the single blushers are £4.99 at the moment. This year's Sleek's autumn collection the Vintage Romance includes a beautiful little gem - Antique.

The formula, pigmentation & packaging is identical to the standard range, however this shade is very different to anything that's already on offer. Antique is rather tricky to describe - a berry mauve pink with a hint of bronze and a dash of silver shimmer? The tone makes it quite a multipurpose product as you can use it as a blusher, a contour or even as an all over bronzer if you don't mind the subtle shimmer. Definitely an autumn staple in my make-up bag, and I'm sure it's gonna look smashing on a tanned cheek in summer too!        

What's your favourite blusher at the moment?