20 days to go. Yes, that's how much I'm excited about goin' on holidays this year! And I know that someone might say it's just Czech Republic, and it's just goin' 'home' really, but after 5 years living in the UK Czech Republic in summer seems almost exotic to me. 30°C, homemade ice cream & a pint for 80p, road trips, castles and lakes - how could I not be excited! Plus it's our (Justin's & mine) first holidays together, which makes it rather special too. Last post in my holiday prep series was on sunglasses (no, I still haven't found a pair I'd like *sigh*) and today's post is on bikinis. Such a crucial item to take with you - yet so difficult to buy.

The other day my friend told me she always takes a different pair of bikinis for each day of her holidays - WHAT?! I don't think I own more than 2 pairs altogether including a pair I've had for about 5 years. Well, my justification is that I haven't had a chance to go for summer holidays for absolute ages and then, I'm not a really good swimmer and when you don't swim, your bikinis don't really get ruined so much. So there. But since this holidays is meant to be that little bit more special, I though I may need to invest into a decent pair. So the hunt starts...

I used to have a few pairs from Primarni - that was absolute ages ago, and no matter how pretty they were at first, they fell apart pretty much immediately. *sigh* I guess if you're taking a pair for each day, then this could work out - and you could even throw them away after day 1, but then - could I really be bothered with all the effort of picking them.. and paying for them?! Next up - H&M bikinis. I love, absolutely love the way they look! The only issue is that for some strange, strange reason H&M makes clothes for people who are bum-less & tit-less. Not that it's a bad thing, don't get me wrong, but you'd expect a pair for each body shape at least, to avoid this awkward discrimination, wouldn't you? I'm not a big-titty, no way, but H&M still proves to make me feel rather frustrated, both size & shape-wise. *sigh no 2*
Ultimately - I've just run out of options where to get a pair of decent yet affordable bikinis.. oh no - I have not. There's still New Look! The one I always forget about! I don't know why but in my head New Look doesn't sell underwear and swimwear. The fact is they not only do sell these, but they actually sell really nice ones! Above is just a little selection of their bikinis range - I am in love with the grey pair with neon embellishment, so unusual & trendy, innit! (because even I can be on trend sometimes, I guess) And the burgundy pair would look lush against tanned skin! What am I doin' after work today? Eh? Yup - New Look it is! Fingers crossed I will be able to show you my new bikinis in a blogpost soon! 

Where do you shop for bikinis and swimwear?