Long shifts at work without a mirror make you realize that what you really need is make-up that lasts. And by lasts I don't mean that it should last until your first coffee break when you can re-apply it. It should last whole flippin' day. Or at least majority of your day. And that's a tough one - especially when it comes to blushes. Cream blushes, powder blushes... they just don't last. No matter how pretty they are, how pigmented they are, you do need to re-apply fairly soon. The only way to keep your cheeks looking decently fresh looking is to use a tint, at least that's the only one that works for me. Here's my little collection of the infamous Benefit mini bottles & a tip how to apply them easily

I used to hate tints. There. I said it. At first I was trying to pretend that I like them - because who doesn't like Benetint?! But they went on streaky, they left odd patches, they stained my fingers (because everyone seemed to have believed the best way to apply them was with your fingers - really?!)... so I left them at the back of my drawer. Until about a month ago when I was reorganizing my stash and trying to sell some of the old crap on E-bay. Then I realized that now I'm all brushy-brushy I might try them again. I picked up the MUA F2 stippling brush (which I thought was gonna be a great foundation brush - meh meh, no way), swiped the little tint brush on the bristles and applied it. Oh my God. The world started spinning in the opposite direction, that's how life-changing that moment was. The brush itself is not amazing for a stippling brush - it's pretty thin & overall a bit meh, but it works absolute wonders with Benefit tints! From rags to riches - the story of MUA F2 stippling brush, haha!

Once I've learnt how to apply them properly, I fell in love with Benefit tints for real. Below I'm wearing Chacha tint which is a fresh peach colour together with Highbeam, which is obviously not a tint but a highlighter - but since it works just as good with the MUA F2 brush, I had to include it as well. I use it on the top of the tints most of the days. Posie tint is a pretty baby pink which I sometimes use as a lip tint as well and Benetint is very natural looking red -toned 'healthy flush'. They are rather pricey - around £25 per full sized bottle, so I either grab them when they come as freebies with Glamour (seems to be a yearly tradition) or might venture into other tint brands - MeMeMe maybe?

Do you use tints? If yes - how do you apply them?