This post is not exactly about my favourite lip products - I'd say lip care products only, because you'd probably drop dead of boredom overload if I was to blabber on about all my favourite lip balms, lip glosses and lipsticks at once! For today it's just my six at-the-moment-most-used lip care products. 

Even at high school I remember that I had to carry at least one lip balm with me, otherwise I'd come back home with disgustingly chapped lips. *ew* I think I'm just one of those people who get this chapped crap a lot, oh wells. I never really cared about what lip balm I used and usually ended up with supermarket brands or anything you could find in my local drugstore (which meant just two more unbranded lip balms *sigh*). It wasn't until this whole bloggin' malarkey that I discovered that lip balms are not just what the public thinks they are. There are ones made of herbs, ones made of butter, ones in funny shapes and ones that transform your lips into heavenly cushions of softness (talkin' about you Nuxe, yes). Which ones have I fallen in love lately?

Do I even need to say anything about the Korres lip butters? These little pots are just brilliant - you know, they are the lip care products that actually do make change to the state of your lips within a few uses and your lips won't get 'hooked' on them like they do on Vaseline. If you're in need of an emergency lip care - something that's gonna save you here & now with immediate results - do splurge on Nuxe Reve de Miel. Just do. It's expensive (about a tenner for a pot) but man, it's saved me on so many occasions! You know when you come home from a long cold walk outside and your lips are in torturous chapped pain that strikes even when you're just breathing? Yeah? Well Nuxe is the one for this - it heals almost magically over night and next day your lips will feel like a newborn's bum, no joke! This Works Turbo Balm is something in between Korres & Nuxe - its whole appearance (of both the pot & product itself) is a bit meh - it's in a white plastic pot with no scent or flavour to it, but it does just as good as Nuxe or Korres. I'd say that this is great for people who are addicted to Vaseline but would like to give it up - it's got a similar feel to it, but the ingredients shift it to the heights of Nuxe! 

MUA Sweet Kiss is probably something you would not expect next to Nuxe, Korres & This Works, is it. I'm not too sure about the ingredients here, and honestly - I probably don't even wanna know, because I'm not positive that for £2 you can create a nourishing mix of plants and butter, but hey - it works. For some strange reason, it works really well! Even the boyfriend  commented that my lips are really soft after using this! It also gives your lips a nice hint of colour - a great one for spring, right! Well, the next one up is actually a bit of a strange one - it's a Tashe lip balm from New Look. Now, this is probably just a funny lookin' pot of Vaseline (or another random grease) but it's got the funkiest packaging ever (it's a moustache & it's pink!). Can't say no to this much cuteness, can you? And finally - DuWop Lip Venom 2nd Sin. Originally courtesy of Terri, who for God knows what reason didn't like it that much *cough cough*, now one of the top products I've got in my lip care collection! It's not actually a pure lip care - it's a combined lip gloss with a hint of lip care, I'd say. It basically plumps up your lips (I don't know whether it's a visual illusion or whether it really plumps them up, but I'm lovin' it either way!) but it also hydrates and nourishes them, get in!

What lip care product can you not imagine your life without?