Today I've got another guest post for you - by the beautiful and talented Hareem! I'm sure it's not only me and her who are desperately trying to hold onto the last summer rays, so here's a bit of a summer reminiscing for ya'll!
Hi guys! Hope you're all well. I am Hareem and I blog over at which is a beauty blog and somewhat fashion/style too. Tereza asked me if I would like to do a guest post for her a while back and ofcourse I agreed! I thought I would do a post on my most used summer products. I love autumn but summer does has it's perks even if its bright lips.
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Okay, so these are the products that I literally used on a regular basis during summer.
I may be cheating here but I got the Pure BB cream about a couple of months back so not exactly a summer thing but close ;) I still use this now and probably will later too. It's such a lovely BB cream and it only costs £1.99! It blends really nicely and adapts to my skin really well too. Looks very natural which is what I look for in foundations and BB creams and doesn't give that awful heavy feeling!
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Another item that I used almost everyday was my ELF blush in Candid Coral, which is a beautiful coral (obviously) that has beautiful gold shimmer to it and pink undertones. It looks really nice in daylight because of the shimmer to it and gives you a nice glow. Lasts quite a while on your skin as well and is quite affordable too! Summer perfect.
Another ELF product that I took out of my pile of makeup (I completely forgot I had this) was my all over cover stick in warm peach, a lovely nude peach colour with shimmer to it. I use this as highlighter but not with the blush otherwise I'd look like a glitter ball! I use this on its own on the high points of my cheeks for a nice subtle glow and looks lovely! I don't hear many people talking about this but I really like this.
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I use my lip butters very wisely! haha I used these throughout the summer time and because they're so pigmented I would literally dab them on for subtle colour rather than a full on bright lip. I use my beloved lip butters in tutti frutti and sweet tart almost everyday because they're moisturising glide on nicely, pigmented and look super duper amazing on everyone! Plus how gorgeous are these two colours!
Okay so another thing that I took out my lip product stash was my Barry M lipcolour in touch of magic which is a green lipstick that I got AGES ago, that turns pink or red depending on your alkaline level. It acts more of lip stain because it stays on for ages! I swatched it yesterday and my hand is still pink! It turns bright red on my lips so I have dab it on and not go crazy. I love this because it looks natural and there's a different colour on everyone plus stays on for ages so no need to reapply.
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The soap and glory perfume. LOVE! Smells amazing and I used this so much in the summer! It just smells so sweet but not sickening. Love it.
So this was my most used summer products and I wish it was summer again! As for mascara and stuff, anything goes!
I hope you guys liked this post and thank you Tereza (whose blog I love!) for letting my guest post for ya!
Hareem xx

Thank you Hareem for a great post! I've been eyeing the Barry M green lipstick for ages, so guess I should go and get it now, haha!
What product have you been using this summer that you think everyone should have?