My eyebrows are such a pain, I really should go to a brow expert. Where do I get money for it is another question. For now, I have to avoid tweezers as much as I can (because every single time I just do more damage than you can ever imagine) and shape them as much as I can with power of eye brow products! I was lucky enough that this FashionistA Eyebrow Kit* got into my hands, as although I've always thought that brow kits are something absolutely unnecessary, almost like a luxury (you've got brow pens, dark brown eye shadows, blah blah), I think I'm getting slightly addicted to it. Are you a tad skeptical about brow kits? Read on!  

When I first opened the little black box, I thought - oh my, why do they put 3 different shades (dark brown, light brown, nude colour + setting wax) in one product, when my brows are obviously one shade - very dark brown. Does it mean I will only be using the dark brown powder and the wax and eventually will be left with light brown and 'blonde' which I'll have to throw away? I don't know what I was thinkin, really. It never appeared to me, that all these shades are not only for different brow colours, but also for shading and creating depths and all that jazz. I even found this amazing video on Youtube by Katie Hughes, where she explains how the depths work! You can basically create different eye brow looks with this kit - as the dark brown accentuates the depth of your brow, the light brown creates shading and the nude colour can be used for blending sharp edges! It's definitely something that needs a bit of practise though, so for every day use I'm just using the dark brown shade to make my brows stand out more, and set them with wax.   

The quality of this product is pretty amazing to be fair, I've never tried the infamous HD Brows, but I can't imagine the design & quality being too far off. The packaging is black and sleek (actually reminds me a bit of Sleek!), there's a large mirror in the lid, and on the top of 3 colours and a wax, you also get a little double sided brush (one side for the powder, one side for the wax) and little tweezers, that actually work really well for their size! This kit basically contains everything you need for your brows to look gorgeous! 

The powder is really easy to apply and when you set your brows with the setting wax, you're sorted for the day. I haven't noticed that my brows would need any serious touching up during the day, although I do have a few naughty hairs that bend downwards which sometimes need a bit of sorting when I frown a lot (nothing has ever managed those, and if I get rid of them, it looks like I shaved a little slit in my brow, oh wells). See how different my eye looks before and after I use this brow kit? For those who noticed that all I've been using until now was MeMeMe Arch Angel (and I've been raving about it quite a lot), this kit creates more of a bold, put-together look, and MeMeMe creates a rather natural, not that filled-in look. For summer I'd definitely say go for the Arch Angel (it feels much lighter and it doesn't matter too much that you might rub your eyes/face and ultimately brows too), for colder months I'm going to be using this kit - it goes nicely with black eyeliner of a smokey eye and it doesn't smudge in the rain (yup, tested it!).   

You can get FashionistA Eyebrow Kit in Superdrug for £7, which is pretty reasonable considering you won't need any other brow product in your collection!

Where do you have your eyebrows done?
(I hope that pay day will be kind enough to have mine done for the first time ever!)