Do you sometimes get told that you're a spittin image of your parents? Well, I get that a lot -  people say that I look like a carbon copy of my mum pretty much all the time when we go somewhere together. When I was back in Czech Republic for holidays, I got to go through quite a few old photographs of my family and if you're following me on Twitter, you might have seen them. Oh, you're thinkin - a load of 'look how cute I was' baby pictures. No, don't panic, I actually don't think I was a very cute child, but that's not the point. The point is that while going through the stash of black and white pictures, I found two that reminded me of something.. of ME. And although my mum sometimes jokes that I was accidentally swapped in the hospital where I was born (because her child wouldn't be this messy, obviously), I think this is more than a proof that I'm my parents' child. Look for yourself! 

So above is me when I was 3 - except the abnormally straight brows, you can't tell the resemblance that much -yet. Now look at the pictures below, about 20 years later. Although you might not believe it, when I was taking those pictures of myself, I had no idea that those of my parents' existed (*swears on a kitten tail* - just another weird thing we Czech people do, ha!). In the first one, there's my mum when she was about 15. Look at that hand! What a copy cat my mum is, haha!

And this is my dad when he was about 19! Guess noone can ever say I'm not their kid, haha!

Do you think you look A LOT like your parents?