Something that always, but literally always gets me a compliment (or two) is a scent! And not any scent, I'm talkin about Hollister scents! I've already posted a proper review of these two - Malaia & Malibu Beach, ages ago, you can have a little read if you are looking for a new summer scent! I guarantee you these will get you some male attention! 
I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Hollister's clothing, and not only because of the prices, but also because I just don't understand how the cool ambient atmosphere is gonna make me happy when I get home with a top and realise it's a totally different colour, but oh wells. Maybe it's just my personal frustration since I can't see very well in dim places. Anyways, their fragrance & body care range is something you need to go & give a sniff!

(Source: Hollister)

What's your favourite summer scent?