I swear it was about 20°C yesterday. In England. People got freakin sunburnt yesterday! In England! So I pulled out another goodie from swap with TRB - Balea Young Splashy Watermelon lipbalm. Do you sometimes chew on those melon Orbits? Yes, that's the scent! *yum* 

There's not much to say about this little baby - it's pretty much a vaseline in a pot and that's also what it does. It sorta hydrates (like a vaseline, eh), and it relieves from the discomfort of chapped lips immediately. It does not save the lips for good, you obviously do need to use some sort of butter or balm afterwards, but this is a good 'on-the-go' pot. Especially for summer, because it just smells heavenly - or water-melon-y!

I'm not sure about price, I would guess it's about £2 in Czech Republic/Germany and you should get them in any DM drugstores.

Have you tried any other Balea lip products?
What's your favourite?