I've already mentioned before, that I have an awful issue with my nails. Let's face it, it is mainly my own fault because I'm a nail biter. I used to have acrylic nails done for maybe a year and my nails got tragic. They are the thinnest thing in the world, not exaggerating when I say paper thin. Here is what I use to give them a bit of a boost - Dr Organic Tea Tree Nail Solution.

Tea tree could be pretty much classed as one of beauty fundamental ingredients. It is used a acne treatment, nail fungus treatment, antibacterial treatment, against warts, bad breath, inflamed gums, sore throat, congestion, dandruff and lice, yeast infections, and many more. 

This nail treatment is not a pure tea tree oil, as one might imagine, but the effects of tea tree oil are enhanced by additional ingredients such as sweet almond oil, rice oil, jojoba oil and undecylenic acid (plant extract). Together these ingredients create a super strong nail treatment, not only with antifungal benefits but also treating nails for flakiness, dryness, excessive bacteria, regenerates and calms irritated nail bed, strenghtens and conditions. After I took off my acrylic nails, my nails were so thin that even water would feel like sticking needles under my nails and this was the only thing that managed to calm the pain down. As you can see, it has a little brush, which makes the application super easy-peasy. All you need to do is brush on the oil on your cuticles (and whole nail if you want to) twice a day and massage it in, which also stimulates the nail bed and blood circulation. 

My nails are slow-growers, they just refuse to get much stronger and grow any faster, but this little miracle (for a mere fiver!) took me through the worst times and keeps helping me on my (long) way to hopefully pretty nails one day. Oh, and I religiously use OPI Nail Envy together with this treatment!   

What is your favourite nail treatment?